Schedule metal hole punching services in Spartanburg, SC & Denver & Charlotte, NC

Need Holes Punched in Sheet Metal?

Do you need metal hole punching services? If so, turn to the best. Race City Steel, Inc. can take care of your steel hole punch requests in Spartanburg, SC & Denver & Charlotte, NC. 

Our metal working specialist can punch:

  • Round holes
  • Square holes
  • Oval holes

Call us at 704-489-2101 (Denver) or 864-585-2435 (Spartanburg) now to arrange for metal hole punching services.

Leave the metal work to us

Leave the metal work to us

Our steel hole punch specialist has experience punching holes in metal up to ¾" thick and can punch a hole roughly 1" in diameter. We can also punch holes up to 12" wide. Our pro will work with you to determine the size and shape of the holes you need punched into your sheet metal.

Go over our hole punching options with a member of our team by contacting us today.